I was actually planning to create a new blog and start all over again, but then I figured I've got a perfectly great blog here, why not just re-re-revive it? Re-re-revive it since I've been on at least a thousand hiatuses...
ANYWAY I just wanted to brag and show you my photos from prom! Didn't really feel like prom though, I was more interested in the buffet. I was actually forced to go, since my mom kept blabbing how it was "a once in a lifetime opportunity!". I've still got next year?! And plus, it was graded, so might as well...
But look how pretty my friends looked! Aren't they pretty HUH HUH HUH?
But honestly, I felt like a 20 year old wallflower, since a lot of them look like they're 14 or something, don't you think? (I don't mean it as an insult, though! Isn't looking young the best?) 


Well, it's been how many months since I last posted, and I've been itching to post, if only terrible bouts of laziness would disappear. But I can't believe it's been two whole months! Sorry blog, sorry bloggers, sorry me. I'll try my best to start posting more and more soon!
I've been meaning to post since Monday, but my mum and I got into a messy fight and it ended up with my laptop in shambles and my hard drive gone. (bye bye photos and all!)
Really hated what happened because everything I saved, all the memories made in the past two years, gone in a smash.
But the best part is that I got a new Macbook because of it! Mum felt guilty so she bought me a Macbook as a replacement. (Though nothing can replace my trusty old notebook!)
my face looks huge there but heeeey
I swear, more food reviews, personal opinions and fashion thingies and DIY's and all that! Promise!


Sorry for disappearing for two months, I'm not dead!


Did I ever mention that my iPhone's gone?
I sold it for a Samsung and now I'm regretting it. My sister keeps teasing me with her iPhone and asking me, "WHERE'S YOURS HUH?"
I haven't found the perfect phone yet, but fingers crossed, I will!
So I'm just wondering what all your phones are and if you'd change it for something else? :-)
I know this isn't even remotely related to phones and such, but I just realized that my cats are more photogenic than I am...


It's time to bury my camera in my garden.
Actually, maybe just the lens. I use an 18-55mm lens and just a few weeks back, it's been starting to fail me with its frequent ERROR 99 messages, usually when the aperture is above 6.3! I've tried every solution found on the net but to no avail. My cousin solved the problem by cleaning the lens' contacts, but it solved the problem temporarily, and now I'm pretty bummed out by the fact that I have no choice but to throw it away or sell it for parts.


Almost A WHOLE MONTH since I posted! I can't believe it came to this! I'm sorry for the looooong hiatus, excuse my procrastination and "I'll do this later" mutters.
I've been doing nothing for the past month, just studying and annoying myself with useless worries and burdens in life.
I became obsessed with B&W photos, so I decided to do a small portfolio filled with the normal stuff I own in my home (so you'll never find a photo of me in here!).


Hello! Sorry for the two week hiatus (again!)
Aaaah so happy, a friend of mine invited me to her birthday party (Her birthday's just eight days after mine!) and I had so much fun! It's a pool party and we just swam and swam and ate and sang~
And when the cake came, everyone just grabbed some icing and put it all on our faces argh
It was just so great, the first time I was happy with friends for almost five years.